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If someone close to you is hurting or threatening you, or controlling what you do or who you meet

We provide support for women, children and young people who are affected by domestic abuse.

Find out how GEWA can help you.

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GEWA provides support, advice and help to women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse

What the Children Want You To Know

In this video, children who've been affected by domestic abuse share their experiences, explain the effects that domestic abuse can have, and talk about how Glasgow East Women's Aid workers have helped them.

Help for Children

If you're scared or upset because of things that have happened at home, or don't know who to talk to, GEWA can help.

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Support for Young People

If you're a young person who has been affected by domestic abuse, whether in your family or in your own relationship, GEWA can help.

Not sure whether you're experiencing domestic abuse, or how we can help? We answer you questions here.

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is an abuse of power and trust. It is wrong and it is damaging. It can be physical, emotional, sexual or financial.

If you are being abused, it is not your fault.

Find out more about domestic abuse here.

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