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Safety Tips for Women

Often the safest thing for women who have been living with abuse for some time is to plan a safe exit. There are some things that can be done to make you feel safer and more in control of the situation. The main priority for each woman (and child) is safety.

  • Please call 999 in emergencies especially if you feel under threat or there is a possibility you can become unsafe.
  • Try and ensure your mobile has enough charge to contact 999, Women’s Aid or family/friends.
  • Where possible try and identify a safe place for you to go, e.g. family/friends, Women’s Aid
  • If you’re thinking of leaving for good, try to gradually gather important documents (birth and marriage certificates, housing documents, benefits info etc) to take with you.
  • If possible, try to keep some money hidden in case you need to get out in a hurry and you need money for fares or emergencies. Keep taxi phone number’s handy, which you can call once you leave the house.
  • Keep the local women’s aid number safe. Disguise the number as something else for anonymity.
  • If you are afraid that the situation is becoming more violent, try to make sure you are not cornered/caught in the kitchen or the bathroom where there are too many hard edges and sharp items. Try to head for the living room or bedroom where you can use cushions or pillows to protect yourself if you need to.
  • Where possible get an extra set of keys cut, or if you have a spare set give them to a trusted friend or relative. As abuse escalates, women are often locked in the house as part of the control. This is a way of ensuring that an escape is always possible.
  • If you’re concerned that your web use may be monitored, take a look at our information about staying safe online.
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