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"Domestic abuse is a pattern of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and/or violent behaviour, including sexual violence, by a partner or ex-partner. Domestic abuse is overwhelmingly experienced by women and perpetrated by men. It doesn’t matter how old someone is, what race or ethnicity they are, what class they are, whether or not they are disabled, or whether they have children – anyone can be a victim of abuse."(Scottish Women's Aid)

What are the types of domestic abuse?

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Sexual (including reproductive abuse)
  • Coercive Control
  • Financial

What if I'm unsure I am experiencing domestic abuse?

Call us on 0141 781 0230 or email us at and we will chat about your situation.

What can I expect from GEWA?

GEWA will listen to your experiences in a non-judgemental and supportive manner. We will help you work out what you want to do as your next steps and inform you of all our services available. What you say will be held in confidentiality – the only time we would be bound to breach this confidentiality is where we feel you are at severe risk of harm, or where there are Child Protection issues.

Do the police have to be involved?

No. The Police will only be involved at your request.​

Police Scotland have a dedicated Domestic Abuse Unit however, we would only ever encourage you to report Domestic Abuse - it is always your decision.

Will I always see the same worker?

All members of the GEWA Team cover the Crisis Line - therefore if you use this service more than once you may speak to different workers.

If you choose to refer for long term support, when your referral is picked up you will have your own allocated worker.

I have a physical disability, what other support is available?

Our office has lift access and a member of the staff team will always be available to support you.​

One of our refuge flats was specifically designed to be accessible for Women or Children with physical/sensory disabilities.

Do you offer legal advice?

No - Staff are not qualified to offer legal advice however we can signpost you to services that can.

If you need support, contact us now on our Crisis Line: 0141 781 0230