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The Board

  • Patricia Currie Chair
  • Mary Hendry Vice-chair
  • Morag Boyle Treasurer
  • Michelle Keane Minute-taker
  • Eileen Dinning Trustee
  • Jacqueline Fitzpatrick Trustee
  • Nadine Martin Trustee



  • Ann Dornan Women’s and Refuge Service Manager
  • Karen Arbuckle CHYP Family Development Service Manager
  • Maureen Bettley Office Manager


Children and Young People

  • Karen Arbuckle CHYP Family Development Service Manager
  • Gemma Bain Senior CHYP Worker
  • Alison Kerr Children’s Worker


Family Development

  • Louise Benson Family Development Worker



  • Lynne Nixon Senior Finance Worker


Multi-Agency Work

  • Nikki Chung Multi-Agency and Development Worker



  • Ann Dornan Women’s Service and Refuge Manager
  • Kim Nicoll Senior Refuge Development Worker
  • MargaretAnn Kelly Refuge Support Worker


Women’s Service

  • Anne Smith Senior Project and Development Worker
  • Clare Elliott Senior Women’s Financial Support Worker
  • Cara Wilson Women’s Support Worker
  • Heather Carrigan STAAR Worker
  • Hannah Inglis Women’s Support Worker
If you need support, contact us now on our Crisis Line: 0141 781 0230