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Working and Volunteering with GEWA

Current Vacancies

There are no current vacancies at this time.

Volunteer with GEWA

GEWA offers a 12 week unpaid worker course which covers all aspects of working as a volunteer within GEWA, and ensures that all women participating are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to progress to providing support to women on a crisis cover basis.

The Unpaid Worker course is divided into two stages; the first being the 12 week programme which introduces theories, facts and debates about gender-based violence in contemporary society. The course also incorporates some skills based practice to prepare volunteers for the next stage of the course (Stage 2), which involves providing a few hours a week of volunteering time.

Women participate in the course for a variety of reasons – they may want to work in the field of domestic abuse support services, while many participants take part because they have experienced, or know some who has experienced, domestic abuse.

It is not essential that participants complete both stages – this is optional. However, we are an organisation that promotes volunteering as an excellent means of enhancing employment and educational opportunities and ultimately GEWA values the skills, knowledge and diversity that unpaid workers bring to the service.

To participate in the volunteering course within GEWA simply call 0141 781 0230 or email with your details.

Student Placements

GEWA has excellent links with universities who offer the BA (Hons)/MSc Social Work. Students undertaking this course are of particular relevance to GEWA, since domestic abuse is increasingly the main reason children and young people are placed on the Child Protection Register.

Placements within GEWA prepare the students for the realities and complexities of working with families who are experiencing domestic abuse, and therein learn the strategies, interventions and approaches that GEWA promotes as best practice in terms of support.

Due to constraints on staff time and resources this is the only type of student placement GEWA can facilitate.

For more information about volunteering or undertaking a student placement at GEWA, please contact us.