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What is refuge like?

Refuge is a safe space where you (and your children if applicable) can recover and try to move on from your experiences of domestic abuse.

We have 5 self-contained flats, all of which are furnished to a warm and comfortable standard. There is support staff for women, children and young people based within the refuge office, and there is a support plan put in place for all service users.

The amount of time you stay depends on individual needs, but 6 months is the average length of stay.

You can invite female friends are relatives to visit; unfortunately males over 16 are not able to visit or stay in the refuge. There is no curfew within our refuge spaces: all we ask is that you use the space appropriately (i.e. not staying away from your refuge flat for too many nights) – the spaces are in very high demand and we need to ensure they are utilised well.

For more information and answers to other questions about refuge, visit the Refuge page.

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