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What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is an abuse of power and trust. It is wrong and it is damaging. It can be physical, emotional, sexual and financial. It is overwhelming experienced by women and perpetrated by men. Domestic abuse costs the lives of 2 women in the United Kingdom every week. Domestic abuse is not caused by drugs, alcohol, poverty or stress although these may be contributing factors.

It is not caused by the person experiencing the abuse.

“Domestic Abuse (as gender-based abuse), can be perpetrated by partners or ex-partners and can include physical abuse (assault and physical attack involving a range of behaviours), sexual assault (acts which degrade and humiliate women and are perpetrated against her will, including rape) and mental and emotional abuse (such as threats, verbal abuse, racial abuse, withholding money and other types of controlling behaviour such as isolation from family and friends).”
National Strategy to Address Domestic Abuse in Scotland, 2000.

What women need to know:

  • The abuse is not your fault.
  • You DO NOT deserve to be abused
  • You cannot change someone who is abusive
  • Staying in the relationship WILL NOT stop the abuse
  • With time the abuse always gets worse

If you are, or have been, experiencing domestic abuse, you can find more information about how we can help here.

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