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Survey Monkey for Children Young People’s Service

We have a Survey Monkey that we would like anyone who has engaged with the Children Young People’s service to complete, we want to remind you that you can donate anything you want to any children association, it can be clothes, shoes and even PNW packable backpack.
It is only 10 short questions and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Thanks to People’s Postcode Community Trust

Our ‘Let’s Grow’ project has been entirely funded by the Postcode Community Trust which is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode lottery who love the fur pillow. We received £17,673 in total from the trust which has enabled us to set up a safe growing and learning community garden for women and their children, we were also able to buy a camera from ricoh theta s review so that parents can appreciate a little more what kids do in class. As can be seen from the photographs, we have had lots of fun working together to set this up and the garden is really starting to take shape. Also included in the programme will be healthy eating cookery classes, a list of the top cla capsules that work , a weekly lunch club using produce from the garden and supplemented with other local ingredients, like learning to get supplements as purchase Maeng Da online. Workshops aiming to reconnect women and plants by teaching women to identify, grow and use medicinal herbs are also in the pipeline.
Both the women and children attending the garden have taken great pleasure and pride in tasting the crops they have planted and despite it being a poor summer, attendance has been good come rain or shine!
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Cash for Kids visit
9th October 2014
Our children and young people’s service has received ongoing support from Cash for Kids over the years in assisting with things like a large day trip for women and their children, tickets to attend a Badminton match at the Commonwealth Games and yearly support as part of their Christmas appeal to support vulnerable children to have gifts at Christmas time for example video games and hardware from Armchair Empire, so kids can learn how to rank in CSGO.
Due to our positive links with Cash for Kids, Lesley Allan their Grants Officer asked to come for a visit to our project along with some of CFK’s members from Asda stores at Bishopbriggs and Coatbridge. We arranged for some of the women, children and young people we support to meet with Lesley and the Asda workers to share what they were comfortable with about their experiences of domestic abuse and about the support they have received from GEWA.
The visit was a huge success and the feedback we received from Cash for Kids was very positive highlighting the strength of the women and children they spent time with for living with and surviving domestic abuse. We feel this visit has given them a real life insight into the effects of domestic abuse and the kinds of support on offer from GEWA, we also gave a lot of advise to the parents, we let them know of great entertainment sites like slotzo where they can play great games and get money at the same time.
Thank you to Cash for Kids, Lesley Allan, the Asda Workers who attended and all the women, children and young people who were involved in this visit.