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GEWA provides a needs-led approach to advocacy on behalf of the women who use our service. The therapeutic approach provided by GEWA meets the emotional needs of the women who use our service. However, due to the range of complex issues that may present in an abusive relationship, practical support is a vital part of service provision. This can take many forms such as: providing letters of support to housing and making application for Community Care Grants.

GEWA has been identified as a key agency by the social work department; therefore, strong links have been established with allocated social workers worker during the Child Protection process. This often requires representation for women at case conferences, core groups and the children’s hearing.

Financial hardship is often a key issue for women and during this difficult time in their lives and making claims for benefit can be extremely difficult. Advocating on the woman’s behalf to the department of Work and Pensions can make this process a little less daunting; this often includes accompanying women to medical examinations and support during the appeals process if required. GEWA currently has a specialist worker whose remit is to eradicate fuel poverty by ensuring that women are on the correct tariff with energy providers.

As previously stated GEWA offers a daily drop-in service which provides an opportunity to undertake an initial assessment that informs practice, ensures quality assurance, and promotes empowerment for the women who use our service.

If you have experienced abuse and feel silenced please don’t hesitate to contact us and let GEWA support you to find a voice.