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My Life at GEWA

It all started when my Mum and Dad were fighting and then it turned into hitting, shouting and bad names and that frightened me.

The next day when my Mummy picked me up from school she took me to my new home which is called refuge. I was very scared and mummy was shaking too. I also met other children like me who had to leave their homes and friends. One girl told me her Dad didn’t let them out and didn’t give her mummy any money for food.

My feelings

“At GEWA I can share my feelings in a safe place”

The workers were very nice and I had my own worker who really helped me and I could tell her anything. She told me about the seasons for growth group that would help me with my feelings. I made lots of good friends there and some of them still live at their own homes and I said “I didn’t know I could get help when I still lived at home”. My friends said this is called outreach service but they still have a worker like me who helps them with their feelings.

I did lots of fun things with my worker and new friends like the Wii game, Adventure Planet, Excape, Bowling and McDonalds. I had my first holiday when I went away with the workers. We were in a huge house with lots of toys and every day we done something fun.

Now I am in my own home and me and mummy are happy but I still see my worker because she said that this is to make sure that me and mummy are alright.

If children like me are reading this right now then please contact Glasgow East Women’s Aid. They will really help.

-Girl, age 8.