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Help for children

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse can be hitting, shouting, kicking, punching, spitting, swearing and anything that causes you to be scared. It happens a lot in your home where no one can see or hear and it can be between two adults or adults and children and you can be told not to tell anyone about it.

Impact on children & young people

  • Being hurt
  • Being woken from sleep
  • Having toys broken
  • Seeing it
  • Hearing it
  • Hurt while helping mum
  • Taking sides
  • Too scared to leave mother
  • Keeping family secret
  • Calling police/going for help
  • Mum getting hurt and not being able to look after you and keep you safe


Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children

  • Makes you feel scared
  • Makes you feel sad
  • Makes you feel angry
  • Makes you run away
  • Keeps you awake at night
  • Makes you worry about your mum getting hurt

If you’ve been affected by domestic abuse, GEWA can help.

What Other Children want you to know

This film was made by a group of children and young people to tell people that you can get help to feel better.

To find out more about how GEWA can help, take a look at the ‘Answering your questions‘ page.