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The GEWA Collective

Currently GEWA have 12 Collective members – there is a wealth of experience and specialisms within the Collective.

We are committed to the principle of collective working and the organisation comprises of women who are working in a non-hierarchical structure where responsibility is shared in an honest and open environment and where each woman’s skills are valued. A structure will be developed to work in synergy with the Board to ensure this principle is maintained through the change in the organisational structure.

GEWA structure

You can contact the collective via the website here, or directly by email at

Unpaid Workers

Our aim is that all women including those who use our service may, through time, assist in service provision, thereby completing the cycle and implementing our motto “women helping women helping women”. You can find out more about our volunteering programme here.

Feminist Analysis of Abuse

Our work is based on a feminist analysis of abuse that recognises that the abuse of women is an expression of institutional oppression of women within society. We believe that all forms of gender based violence do not happen in a vacuum but in a societal context that does not recognise women as equals. This institutional oppression occurs within employment and participation in public life including political representation. It also happens in the home where women are still expected to bear the brunt of family responsibility. It is in this context that we believe that until society is changed, violence against women, children and young people will continue.