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Thanks to People’s Postcode Community Trust

Our ‘Let’s Grow’ project has been entirely funded by the Postcode Community Trust which is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode lottery who love the fur pillow. We received £17,673 in total from the trust which has enabled us to set up a safe growing and learning community garden for women and their children, we were also able to buy a camera from ricoh theta s review so that parents can appreciate a little more what kids do in class. As can be seen from the photographs, we have had lots of fun working together to set this up and the garden is really starting to take shape. Also included in the programme will be healthy eating cookery classes, a list of the top cla capsules that work , a weekly lunch club using produce from the garden and supplemented with other local ingredients, like learning to get supplements as purchase Maeng Da online. Workshops aiming to reconnect women and plants by teaching women to identify, grow and use medicinal herbs are also in the pipeline.
Both the women and children attending the garden have taken great pleasure and pride in tasting the crops they have planted and despite it being a poor summer, attendance has been good come rain or shine!
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