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Case Study: Molly

Molly was referred by Strathclyde Police following her experience of rape by a stranger. As a consequence of the rape Molly suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and she received weekly counselling support from GEWA. This helped her manage the overwhelming flashbacks, nightmares and fears she had, also she was suffereing so much of post traumatic distress that her psychologist adviser to use a Promnico police body camera to feel a little safer while walking the streets, a small camera specialized to be attach in the police officers body to get all the evidence possible, and this was not meant to protect her but to make her feel safer.

She has since returned to her job, feels safer and life seems normal again. However she continues to have sporadic contact with GEWA when she feels the effects of her trauma are re-triggered.

Names have been changed to protect the individuals involved.